Eco-Friendly Home Tips

Interest in the environment and green building has moved beyond installing energy efficient appliances and swapping out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents. With luxury condos touting eco-friendly features like rain water recycling and construction [...]

Finding a Home as a Couple

For most couples, buying a home is the most significant purchase they will ever make together. While the prospect of owning a home is an exciting one, it can often seem overwhelming, especially for those [...]

Relocating Can Be Hard – Tips to Help

Picking up and moving cross country, or to another state, isn’t always easy. One must find a home, a job for a spouse, perhaps schools if children are involved, not to mention get a feel [...]

Moving with Children – It Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle

Moving into a new home brings with it a lot of emotions, particularly for families moving with children. Excitement and enthusiasm are coupled with anxiety and apprehension as to whether children will take to the [...]

Buyer Open House Tips

Open houses are as important for home buyers as they are for the seller, as prospective buyers can assess and compare a large number of properties at once. Here are some tips to get the [...]

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